What made you want to lose weight?

Weight loss was not an issue for me growing up. I have always fluctuated from around 205 to 215 as an adult. I am 6 foot tall with a fairly nice build. I have stayed active in the gym and made sure to watch what I ate on a daily basis. I watched as peers began to gain weight and some were even out of shape who did exercise.

I started working out of town more often and the hours seemed to get longer and longer. The gym started to become a place I was too tired to go to instead of it being a priority. I began going out to eat more and fast food became a staple for my busy work schedule. I felt pretty good for about three months and I finally got some time off.

I missed my family and had only got to contact them through phone calls and video chat while on the road. The first place I went was to pick up my 11 year old son. I was so excited to see him and as soon as we got into the truck he said “dad you’re fat”.

I laughed it off and said no way son I’ve never been fat.

Later that night we were up watching a movie, the first avengers to be exact. I went to the bathroom and I decided to step on the scale to see about this fat comment. The 205-215 me was gone. I looked down to see 245, I was shocked to not even really notice that much weight gain. I knew then and there that I had to get back on track.

I am currently at 220 and I am feeling good again. My girlfriend helps with the healthy meal choices and I make a point to be active and make the gym a priority in my life again. I am glad my son could be so brutally honest with me as other people had not mentioned it at all.

That was the turning point for me and what made me want to lose weight and keep it off. What made you want to lose weight?

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